CREDITS “Don’t Say ‘Ew’,” “Gallop Little Horsey,” “Space Doggie,” “Make a Sound,” “World Goes Around” and lyrics for “The Bottle Song” ©2012 Amy Wigton “Fire Engine” ©1989 Harmony Grisman “Octopus” (Slippery Fish) © 1985 Charlotte Diamond, Charlotte Diamond Music SOCAN “The Lollipop Tree” Published by Kamakura Music and Janfred Music (ASCAP) Lyrics by Joe Darion and George Kleinsinger “Goin’ To The Zoo” ©1997 Tom Paxton BMG Ruby Songs “I Am A Pizza” Written by Peter Alsop, ©1983, Moose School Music (BMI). Additional lyric in French by Charlotte Diamond “Three Bear Rap” “The Three Bears” ©1946 Bobby Troup, Londontown Music/ASCAP “Bottle Song” to the tune of “The Blue Danube” Traditional “Hairy Caterpillar” Traditional and lyrics ©2007 Christopher Smith Singers on “I Am A Pizza” by the Bridge Point Singers – Brianna Roland, Julia and Jonathan Walker, Alexis Whiten and Giselle Reyes. Additional vocal on “Three Bear Rap” by Manny LaCarrubba Jr. Mixed and mastered by Manny LaCarrubba. Design by Julie Cohen. Photo by Abigail Huller. Thank you to all the artists listed above for your wonderful songs. To my husband Manny who helped me learn to be a recording engineer so I could produce this album and for his mixing and mastering expertise. To Julie who graciously helped through the numerous art & design changes. To Margaret at Bridge Point Academy for the talented children singers. To my friends who humor and listen to my whacky ideas, especially Anita who’s just a big ol’ kid herself. To my son who inspired me to become the children’s musician I am today and for his fine musicianship. To my sisters Barb & Cindy and my nieces and nephews who always believed and encouraged me and who keep producing beautiful children to sing to. To Kate who put together my first website and suffered through those song samples I sent her years ago that her kids sang over and over again without ever knowing the song endings. Hopefully there hasn’t been too much damage and they can learn the endings and move on with their lives (now that they’re almost all grown up!).